Things I Like

How awesome are these?

Things I Like

How awesome are these?

  • Club Penguin

    A massively multiplayer online role-playing game

    I like this game because it's cool. I have many puffles as my pets and my igloo is pretty awesome. I also have met many mascots such as Rockhopper, Gary and PH.

  • Minecraft

    A game about breaking and placing blocks

    I like expressing my creativity with this game. It's fun for all ages. You can travel to the Nether and to other dimensions too. I play with my friends on the Xbox and on the PC, I like it because I can put all sorts of mods to give me special abilities and points of view.

  • Poptropica

    An online role playing game

    I like it because there are many diffeent islands/quests that you can complete to earn medallions. I like how the characters look (so basic and complex at the same time). I've completed about 14 islands. My friends like this game too.

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